17-19 Apr 2019 Le Mans (France)

Key Notes

13 key-notes speakers will give a talk of 30 minutes, the list by alphabetical order is given below :


Lazhar Benyahia (IMMM Le Mans, France)

Features of water/water emulsions stabilized by particles


Adeline Boire (INRA BIA Nantes, France)

Assembly of plant storage proteins: role of intrinsic disorder and charge anisotropy


Paul Clegg (U. Edinburgh, UK)  

Oleogels in complex composite samples


Virginie Hugouvieux (INRA IATE Montpellier, France) 

Structure and Dynamics of Polymer Composites and Gels: A Simulation Perspective


Fernando Leal-Calderon (CBMN Bordeaux, France) 

Recent developments in the field of edible double emulsions


Alejandro G. Marangoni (U. Guelph, Canada) 

Nanoscale Engineering of the Structure and Functionality of Fat and Oleogel Systems


Marie Hélène Morel (INRA IATE Montpellier, France)

Tackling the question of specific interactions in a complex blend of proteins


Michael Rappolt (U. Leeds, UK)    

Global Small-Angle X-ray Scattering Data Analysis of Triacylglycerols in the Molten State


Christophe Schmitt (Nestlé Research Lausanne, Switzerland)

Functional protein-based colloids for controlling structure and stability of food


Markus Stieger (Wageningen U., The Netherlands)

Food oral processing: From structure to behaviour, perception and pleasure


Anna Stradner (U. Lund, Sweden)   

Protein Gels and Glasses


Sylvie Turgeon (U. Laval, Canada)

Protein-fiber mixed systems to innovate in food and culinary applications


Bettina Wolf (U. Birmingham, UK)    

Aspects of interfacial stabilisation


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